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Liotia are an electro acoustic duo combing the songwriting and haunting vocals of Abigail Hubbard with the of beats and soundscapes of producer/engineer Matthew Smyth.

 The duo began working together while Abigail was at a local music charity where Matt managed the studio facility. Matt, who works along side producer Adrian Sherwood at On U Sound and is Living Colour’s UK/Europe tour engineer, was impressed by her unique songwriting style and produced her debut EP, People Watching. This gained support from Tom Robinson at Radio 6 and was licensed to producer Robert Miles’ OpenLab compilation.

The working partnership progressed into the Liotia project with a tighter, polished more cinematic style including a range of acoustic and electronic instruments. The band have been likened to Portishead meets Little Dragon

The duo released their debut EP So Close / Yours Tonight in July 2019 and are set to release ‘Blackout’ with Ramrock Red, featuring remixes from Ashley Beedle’s African’s from Mars moniker and video by Swedish director Helga Fannon

Liotia moon logo trans backgrnd-1